Computer Department
List of services offered by the department

The Information Systems Department spearheads the Information Technology drive of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) with the following mission:

To achieve overall efficiency in various fields of administration of NMMC by using the Information Technology in the form of electronic computing devices, related gadgets, software, etc. so as to provide the citizens with better services and a dynamic and transparent administration.

It is crystal clear here, that excellence in Information Technology is aimed to achieve the betterment of the services being offered to the citizens by making them quick to respond and more efficient. The information technology will serve as the means to achieve the same and it will not be the end itself. The main objective here is to computerize various processes which are undertaken by NMMC, which do not merely imply to automate this processes but necessary BPR may be called for streamlining these processes.



The objectives set by the Information systems department in coherence to its mission are summarised as below:

  • To provide Better Services to the Citizen at his doorstep and working towards making zero citizen footfall in NMMC.
  • To reduce overall Administrative Response Time for various tasks.
  • To provide centrally organized Information Dissemination.
  • To have speedy and effective Communication System.
  • To establish a Knowledge Repository for various processes.
  • To have an effective Management Information System and Decision Support System.

The Information Systems Department carries out the below listed functions dutifully so as to achieve the above set objectives with utmost effectiveness and efficiency:

  • Analysis of business processes of various departments of NMMC and to design the information system for the same.
  • Development of Computerized systems for the information systems of the departments.
  • Procuring the hardware and peripherals necessary to operate various computerized systems through tendering and providing it to the end users.
  • Procuring the pre-printed stationery necessary for various computerized systems through tendering and providing it to the end users.
  • Organizing training of the employees and officers for subjects related to Information Technology and Computerization.
  • Archiving the data and information of various computerized process to reproduce it and provide it to the end user on their demand.
  • Imparting training to the users of various systems developed at NMMC.
  • Providing support and maintenance to various hardware and peripherals and to the systems developed at NMMC.
  • Designing and Development of the internet and intranet website of NMMC
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