Fire Department Services
List of services offered by the department
  • Public awareness about basic fire prevention.
  • Save lives and property from fire.
  • Assistance and advice on conducting Fire Drills.
  • Quick response to emergency calls
  • Rescue operations during floods, earth quakes, cyclones, disasters and other emergencies
  • Issuing No Objection Certificate for fire hazardous places like High rise buildings, Hospitals, Malls, Cinema Theatres etc.
  • Provide first aid and ambulance services to road accident victims
  • Providing standby services for large gatherings and VIP duties.
  • Providing firefighting and rescue operations training.
Other activities handled by the department
  • While Fire caused in the buildings.
  • To remove the fallen trees causing obstruction for people.
  • Rescue operation for the people drowning in lakes and creeks.
  • Rescuing distressed birds and animals
  • Animal control (snakes) who wanders in public areas.
  • During road accident.
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