Garden Department Services
List of services offered by the department
  • Updating the information about the gardens (developed / undeveloped), plots, road divider, chowk, open spaces handed over by CIDCO, MIDC.
  • Classification of handed over developed and undeveloped plots.
  • To develop gardens on certain Themes (Theme Parks)
  • To develop, beautify & maintain gardens, road dividers, island, and open space in the jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
  • To prepare the estimate for garden works and process the proposals for the administrative approval.
  • Implementation as per the resolution made in General Body and Standing Committee meetings.
  • Day to day work regarding gardens- upkeep & maintenance, Inspection of gardens by Horticulture Assistants. Issuing permissions for various functions/ educational trips etc.
  • Address public complaints & grievances.
Other activities handled by the department
  • To protect & preserve trees within NMMC jurisdiction.
  • Prescribing standards specifying the number and types of trees which shall be planted in each plot.
  • Plantation of new trees.
  • Maintenance of newly planted trees, and existing trees.
  • Carrying out a survey of the existing trees once in 5 yrs within NMMC jurisdiction.
  • Development and maintenance of nurseries for the supply of seeds and saplings
  • To process the proposals for sanctioning the transplantation of trees against the trees to be cut down to Tree Authority for any construction of new roads or widening of existing roads or for safeguarding danger to life or property.
  • To organize various shows showcasing Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, trees plants and assisting private and public institutions in organizing such shows for increasing the consciousness of importance of trees and vegetation for human welfare.
  • To grant advice and technical assistance regarding plantation and preservation of trees.
  • Spraying pesticides on infected trees.
  • Planting and maintaining trees on roads, on bank of rivers, on sea shores and in public parks and gardens.
  • Undertaking any other schemes or measures for achieving the objects of this Act.
  • To attend the work of regular trimming / pruning of overgrown dangerous branches of trees.
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